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Due to the rise and fall nature of doors, springs are an integral part of how well the door works. At any one time, the springs are under plenty of tension. Most springs cannot withstand the strain and break when the garage door is closed. It’s a different situation when the spring breaks in an upwards position. At the moment of spring breakage, the door might destroy valuables when it comes crashing down. Sometimes there may be injuries. Master Garage Door Service has trained experts who can fix and replace garage door springs safely. To be safe, contact us and we’ll advise on maintenance options for garage door springs.

Master Garage Door Service Ashland, MA 508-444-9486After fixing your door spring, we give you tips on making sure the fixed springs stay in top condition for as long a time as possible. Master Garage Door Service is well-versed in the technology of garage door springs. If a spring has been irredeemably damaged, we do offer a replacement, gotten from our impressive inventory. We do come prepared, so we are ready to deal with any issues on site. By the time we leave, we want two things; resumption of garage door functions and your satisfaction for that.

Matching door weight and door spring tension is one of the most important factors for the natural function of your door. 150 pounds of door weight would yield 150 tension strength. Our professionals are always available in and around Ashland, MA,so they can assist with technical matters like these.

At Master Garage Door Service, we have experts that have door weight and tension strength information on the tips of their fingers. The education levels at Master Garage Door Service do not allow us to be misinformed on maintenance and replacement of springs.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are yet another mechanism that governs the weight of the garage door by placing a strong beam at the top of the door. Through cables, the springs uncoil, making the door open. By recoiling, the door closes.

Every process in this mechanism works at the same time for smooth operation of the door. Torsion springs are made to withstand more weight and enable a door to be operated much easily. It also reduces the risk of injury to the average person. Wire size, inner diameter and the length of the spring will determine how capable the torsion spring will be. From these attributes, is is possible to know the weight threshold, frequency of use and the expectancy of the spring.

Regular residential doors typically use one spring, but larger doors and commercial doors use 2 or more springs. Door weight also determines the number of torsion springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs work by extending and contracting on the doors that have the stationary up and down mechanism.

When extension springs constrict, the door can open and close much easily due to the offset of the heaviness of the door. To open the door, the springs are drawn together. When the spring returns to its original position, the door closes. These strings are also subject to a lot of tension and therefore handling them with inexperience will lead to harm to the operator, the door system or the structural integrity of the spring.

Springs are delicate entities especially on account of all the pressure. It is therefore recommended that you schedule regular checks for them thus enabling replacements when needed. You can trust Master Garage Door Service for all your garage door spring management needs.