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Master Garage Door Service Ashland, MA 508-444-9486There is a myriad of reasons why Master Garage Door Service is the residents’ chosen garage door repair provider in Ashland, MA, time, and time again. Our staff is all about standards, and the industry recognizes them as meeting the highest standards possible. With service that speaks for itself, credentialed advice and response times that are unseen, it is not hard to see our staff is highly ranked. Clients deserve a listening provider. That is exactly what our team offers. We utilize insight from years of formal education, hands-on training, and vast experience to offer comprehensive solutions.

Since we try to address individual needs, Master Garage Door Service has an inventory of door models that appeal to every client’s need. Size and scale of your home do not matter as we are well stocked to provide just about all door designs. We stock all the brands that you have put your trust in to be as reliable as we are.


Your garage doors are placed to be your first line of protection, as are all your outside doors. Based on this, it is easy to see that they withstand most of the weather’s bad days. Without weatherstripping, the doors will work but only offer minimal protection. They have not been designed to handle extremes of noise, drafts or the four elements. Weatherstripping serves to seal any and all gaps in your garage doors.

Master Garage Door Service offers the best weatherstripping service that by guarding your garage’s interior, convert your garage to a private space safe for work, storage and play. By keeping out the harshness of weather, intrusive sounds and humidity, you are guaranteed garage comfort.